What makes Calvary Chapel different from other Bible-believing, evangelical churches? At Calvary Chapel we find that emphasis on the teaching of the Word of God, and an open heart to work of the Holy Spirit allows God’s Word to guide our experience with the Holy Spirit. It is this balance that makes Calvary Chapel distinct. When the Bible speaks clearly we must as well. On other issues, we try to recognize the scriptural validity of opposing views and avoid excluding or favoring the views of one camp or the other. We maintain a comfortable, Christ focused environment so that everyone may simply receive the Word of God simply.



What We Believe

We believe the only basis of Christian fellowship is Christ’s (Agape’) love, which is greater than any differences we possess, and without which we have no right to claim ourselves as Christians.



Pastor Greg Schmidt

Senior Pastor

Greg is the founding Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Jacksonville and has lived in Jacksonville for more than 30 years.

Pastor Bob Semrad

Associate Pastor

My role in ministry has always been to serve God in filling necessary needs that effectively stand in the way of the presentation of God’s Word in “Spirit and in Truth”. To assist Pastors and staff in accomplishing “the minutiae” of ministry, the things that take them away from what is important, the study and teaching of God’s Word.

Joseph Magnusson

Joseph mostly grew up mostly in South-West Missouri where he spent time in and out of church during
his childhood and had heard of God but never knew Him. Right out of high school he joined the United
States Marine Corps where he had an appointment with God.


Nate Wilson

The Lord moved in a marvelous and miraculous way Nate's heart and revealed to him his heart for Nate as a Father. Over the last 3 years, Gods Love and Gods Word have completely transformed his life. Nate's heart is to serve his Church in faithfulness, and declare the Truth of Gods Word to whomever will listen. 


Cory’s life has been so beautifully, radically, and miraculously changed through relationship with Jesus Christ, that she wants everyone to experience His love and salvation! One of her favorite pastimes is going through the Word with other women, she thrives on watching God meet women in truth and power.

Daniel Weaver

The oldest of six kids I was blessed to grow up in a family that was Christ-centered. Growing up in the Calvary Chapel environment taught me the necessity and love for expository teaching.  

Marion Plocica

It was through the tragic loss of a friend, who was also the business owner where I worked, that God revealed Himself to me. 


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