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God is active in our lives

This is the foundational belief behind the ministry of Calvary Chapel Magazine. Our mission is to show this truth through testimonies of men and women who have been transformed by the Lord. Each story and photograph is intended to help make this vision a reality.

Our small, dedicated team produces a quarterly magazine of articles and photographs of God's people in action—touching lives around the world. Our prayer is that the Gospel would be presented clearly, so people from all walks of life can know Jesus. We are thankful for the letters and phone calls we receive regularly that confirm that this publication is being used by God to carry out the vision He has given us.

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We hope you are as blessed as we are to hear God bring the word of God through these Pastors within the movement of Calvary Chapel. These are some of the Pastors who pray for you (Calvary Chapel Jacksonville, NC) and help lead as we all pursue the glory of God together. 

Calvary Chapel Podcasts

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Do you have questions or concerns about the happenings in Israel in regards to the end times? We always encourage you to come and speak to one of our pastors here at CCJNC. We also want to provide some recent teachings on the subject that one of our CCA board members shared. Pastor Sandy Adams recently shared these few messages for the church. We hope these provide some clarity and provide the hope of the gospel to your day. 

Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain

Pastor Sandy Adams.jpeg

Pastor Sandy Adams is one of the main Calvary Chapel board members and oversees the Southeast region of the United States. His church is located in Stone Mountain Georgia

Calvary Chapel

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Pastor Keving Edward  is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Clayton, NC. He also sits in the board of our church to pray and help lead our church body to Christ. 

Calvary Chapel
Lynchburg V.A.

troy warner image.jpeg

Troy Warner is the senior pastor of C.C. Lynchburg V.A. He has recently been invited to join the board of the Calvary Chapel Association. Troy is a gifted teacher and faithful leader for the pastors in his area of the east coast.

Calvary Chapel Founder

Pastor Chuck Smith.jpeg

Pastor Chuck Smith is the founding pastor of Calvary Chapel. While Calvary Chapel is not a denomination all the Calvary Chapel pastors believe the whole breadth of the word of God should be taught and that our churches should be founded on Christ alone.

The Shield FM

The Shield FM is a christian radio broadcast and podcast facilitated by Calvary Chapel of The Sandhills, NC. Currently our Sound and AV leader (David Seward) host a Christian Hip Hop segment on Friday nights. 

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